So you’ve started a Bottleless Water Cooler Rental business. But now what? How do you let your community know that a better water option is available? Marketing.

Maybe you’ve been in business awhile and your competition is kicking your ass. Now what? How do you bring your brand up-to-date and showcase your great bottleless water coolers? Marketing.

Pure Water Partners has compiled tons of tips and tricks for marketing your bottlesless water cooler business. These are all available in Pure Water Partners University.


If you’d rather not add one more thing to your to-do list, we have partnered with Charley Grey to do it all for you. The Charley Grey team has worked in the water cooler marketing business since 2017 and knows our industry well. They work with all the top dealers across the country and want to work with you, too. They can painlessly help with everything!

  • Managed Websites (they take care of everything, including SEO)
  • Branding and Logos
  • Graphics & Advertising
  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing
  • Blogging
  • Printing

Charley Grey Work

Charley Grey Website

Charley Grey Happy Customer

We’ve been working with Charley Grey for several years. They get us. As the preferred provider for website and marketing needs, they already hold over a dozen bottleless water cooler dealer accounts across the country. And the best part? In addition to helping our industry pull out of the dark ages with branding and visual appeal, they have taken these dealer websites from non-existant on the search engines to number ONE! You will want to call them as soon as possible.

Rick Veach, CEO of Pure Water Partners

I’m Ready To Get Started!

You had me at hello. Or maybe it was when you said you could help me grow my water cooler, ice, and coffee business. Either way, I am ready to talk to an expert and get started.

Read a Little, Learn A Lot

We are continuously looking at what
makes the water industry great. Grab a glass of pure water and join us on the journey.

Free Trials

After spending the past 15 years in the bottleless water industry, I’ve learned that one key activity is offering a free trial. Yes, offering a free trial on a [...]

What makes us different?

Before entering the finance space, we were successful operators. We have extensive knowledge in this field and work exclusively in the bottleless water, ice, and coffee industry.

We give our dealers time tested and proven go-to-market strategies that work.

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